Kliin Pärnu parcel machine

Kliin Pärnu has a parcel machine where you can leave your laundry and recieve it at a suitable time for you.

How does the parcel machine work?

  • Let our employees know that you wish to receive your laundry from the parcel machine
  • We will clean your laundry for you
  • We will send you a door code to get your items from the parcel machine

Please let our employees know in advance about your wish to receive your items from the parcel machine via phone +372 5657 7629 (Only during the opening time of our Pärnu dry cleaning)

You can leave your laundry to us at a suitable time for you! You need to install CollectNet application to use this service.

Leaving the laundry to us:

  • Register yourself as a CollectNet user
  • Scan the QR code on our parcel machine
  • Choose "Kliin Pesumaja" as the reciever from the list
  • Choose the right door size for your laundry
  • We will contact you to specify the price and terms of service
  • We will send you a notification once the laundry is ready
  • You will pay for the service upon receiving the laundry

You can find more information in our terms of service.