Carpet cleaning

Carpets must be cleaned at least once a year. This ensures a long life and good appearance of the carpet. We also clean soft-bottom carpets. Wet cleaning removes dirt from the carpet that the vacuum cleaner cannot achieve alone.

Carpets will be deep cleaned with water and organic detergents, drying is done with a drying chamber. This technology gives the best possible results.

NOTE! As carpets usually do not have maintenance instructions from the manufacturer, we clean carpets only at the customer's own risk.

The customer takes the risk of damage (tearing, shrinkage, discolouration or other unforeseen damage) for the carpet washing process. This is either a hidden defect in production or damage during use, for which the service provider is not responsible for.  

Vaipade maksimaalne suurus on 2.5×5 meetrit.

The timeline for the service is up to one week.