Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a method in which perchloroethylene is used instead of water for cleaning clothes and other textiles. When cleaning with solvent, the textile fibers do not shrink, nor do they wrinkle. Solvent and suitable detergents help to remove stains that cannot be removed by washing with water.

Dry cleaning is used in particular to clean garments or other similar products made of several different materials. It is advisable to dry clean clothes with symbols ‘dry clean’ or O, P, W or F in the care instructions.

Dry cleaning involves the same hazards as laundering. Any maintenance wears the fabric and may reveal hidden or wear-related defects in the product. The appearance of such defects is not due to careless handling, but rather to the natural wear and tear of the material. The product may change colour, its accessories (zippers, buttons, additional decorations) may get damaged. Therefore, we always recommend that you bring the products into service in a complete set with a hood, belt or any other item that comes with the garment, as the set may look visually incomplete due to differences in tone after maintenance.

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