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Terms of service

General Terms of Service

The price list for the provision of services applies to products brought to the laundry, the cost of which does not exceed 400 euros. If a product costs more than 400 euros, the customer must inform the customer service representative about this, who will then decide whether the product will be accepted or not. For expensive products, the agreed price applies. If upon receipt of the product it becomes evident that it is heavily soiled or hidden defects or stains appear during cleaning, which were not removed during normal washing, the service provider has the right to add a special processing fee of up to 100% of the normal service price or agree on an additional price. If no agreement is reached, the service provider has the right to refuse further cleaning of the product. If the product does not become clean as a result of special treatment, no extra fee will be charged.

The service time is 72 hours. It is also possible that the special term is agreed with the customer. This does not apply during campaign periods. During the campaign periods, the service time can be up to 30 working days. When the product has been cleaned, a notification is sent via SMS to the customer's phone. If the customer has not received the message within 7 days, they should contact the laundry house, because occasionally the SMS notification does not reach the customer for reasons beyond our control.
We keep the cleaned products free of charge for up to 30 days from the date of receipt. After this time, a storage fee of 1 euro per day applies. If six months have passed since the time of receipt of the product, the product will either be destroyed or donated to charity.
To provide a better service, all customer service activities are saved.

Loyalty card

The loyalty card gives the customer the right to receive a regular discount of at least 10% of the price of the service in Kliin laundries and campaign discounts. The campaign discount is given from the regular price of the service.

By filling in the loyalty card form, the customer confirms that they have read the terms of our service and agrees to them. In addition, the customer agrees that information about the completion of the service and special offers of our company will be sent to them. If the customer uses the laundry service without a loyalty card, but subscribes to an SMS notification about the completion of the service, they also give consent to join our database, which allows them to receive information about our services. The loyalty card costs 3.20 euros. It is personal and it is not permitted to pass the card on to third parties.

The service provider does not guarantee the removal of all stains. If the product does not get clean, no refund will be given for normal cleaning.

Weighing products are weighed on receipt and each customer's laundry is washed separately. Therefore, the customer is obliged to sort the weighing products (washing with ironing and mixed laundry) by colour, provided that they can be washed together. If the customer does not know how to do this, they shall inform customer service about this and the laundry will be sorted together with the receiver. Unsorted laundry is washed together. The service provider is not responsible for products that leak colour when washing bed linen and mixed laundry, which can also damage the entire laundry. When calculating the price of bed linen and mixed laundry, it has been assumed that the estimated minimum quantity of laundry to be placed in one machine is 3 kg. So the minimum price for one machine is 3 kg. 

In the case of a maintenance manual that allows hand washing, the products are machine washed using a hand-washing programme installed by the appliance manufacturer.

We recommend that you check the received clothes upon receipt and submit claims immediately. The customer is aware that the satisfactory result of later claims is considerably more difficult, because the customer cannot prove that they have not further used the item of clothing in the meantime and as a result these deficiencies may have arisen.

Situations where the liability of the service provider is limited

When bringing in an item of clothing for cleaning, the customer accepts that it is a used item and after cleaning that the customer does not receive a new item in return. You will receive a cleaned but used clothing item.

Although we use the best available technology, not all stains may be removed from the product. We get the best results when you provide correct information about the circumstances of the formation of stains. This is extremely important! It is important to know that the item of clothing brought for cleaning also depreciates during cleaning. Every operation on the garment affects it, and this can lead to discolouration and loss of fluff (volumetric covers, wadding and down jackets/coats). This risk increases with each wash. When bringing in the garment for cleaning, the customer is aware of such an effect and takes it into account. In the case of damage caused by pre-cleaning and processing of the garment material (stain removal, cleaning, ironing, drying, washing), it is not possible to determine the extent, volume and substances used in the pre-treatment. Therefore, it is not possible to ensure the correct reaction of the material to cleaning and the cleaning of the product in the required manner. The garment may not be cleaned and/or damaged and/or rendered unusable.
We warn you that the zippers, zipper tips, buttons, snaps and other accessories on the product may break or become damaged during the provision of the service. The degree of depreciation, the composition of the material used, the environment in which they are present, the degree of wear and tear due to the frequency of use and the age specificity is not known about the products. Therefore, it is not possible to ensure that buttons, pull tabs, zippers, zipper tips, buckles, and glued, sewn, embroidered or ironed elements respond correctly to cleaning, that they are cleaned as required, and that they may deteriorate or become unusable or removed from the garment. The manufacturer of the product must ensure that the accessories installed on the product withstand the technological process used for the maintenance authorised by the manufacturer of the product. If the manufacturer's warranty (2 years) has expired, the risk passes to the product owner.
The laundry is not responsible for items left in the pockets and damage caused by them

Pesemisteenuse OÜ is not responsible for the following:

  • Forgotten items left in the pockets and the damage caused by them
  • Damage to the product if the manufacturer has provided incorrect maintenance instructions.

The laundry maintenance manual is The Bible. Without a maintenance manual, the owner will service the product at their own risk.

Please remove items, carpets and laundry from the plastic bag after the laundry, as they may leave residual moisture, which can cause mould.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a method in which a perchlorethylene solution is used instead of water for cleaning clothes and other textiles. This is called dry clean.

Dry cleaning is used in particular to clean garments (suits, costumes, coats, etc.) or other similar products. The manufacturer of the product decides which technology can be used for the maintenance of this product. If the manufacturer has marked ‘dry clean’ or the O, P, W, F in the maintenance instructions - then it is recommended to maintain these products using dry cleaning. Solvent and suitable agents remove stains that cannot be removed by washing with water.

Dry cleaning involves the same hazards as water washing. Any maintenance wears the fabric and may reveal hidden or wear-related defects in the product. Product accessories may get damaged (zippers, buttons, additional decorations etc.). The occurrence of such defects is not related to the inefficiency of the washing technology, but rather the reasons mentioned above. The product may change colour, therefore we recommend to bring the whole set (hood, belt, etc.), as the color may change during maintenance and the use of the product as a whole may be visually disturbing.

Doing laundry

We provide laundering for bed linen, blankets, pillows, mattress covers and various items of clothing. Any maintenance wears the fabric and may reveal hidden or wear-related defects in the product. The occurrence of such defects is not related to the inefficiency of the washing technology, but rather the reasons mentioned above. Such defects are most common on accessories attached to clothing (added embellishments, zipper pull tabs, edgings made of other materials, etc.), as well as a change in colour tone. In exceptional cases, the seams may also rupture. When cleaning wadding and down jackets and coats, it must be taken into account that with each wash the product loses its fluff. This is also due to the intensity of use of the product and the conditions under which the product has been used and stored.

We provide laundry services for the items listed in the price list. Clothes are made of different materials and each material needs a special approach and knowledge. Our employees are professionals and specialists in their field.

We offer a washing service as a full solution, including:

  • Doing laundry,
  • Ironing,
  • Assembly and packaging,
  • Additional stain removal or bleaching if required


This service is ordered additionally (special processing).

Note! Please do not leave the washed laundry in a plastic bag, as not all moisture may be removed during drying and this may cause mould.

Washing pillows, blankets and covers

The price in the price list includes normal maintenance for the product. When maintaining these products, the customer must take into account that, depending on the intensity of use and the materials, not all stains will be removed. If you want to order a special treatment (bleaching), the product may change colour and retain the specific smell of special treatment substances. The customer must take this into account. For special treatment, the customer must additionally pay 50–100% (depending on the degree of soiling) of the normal maintenance price. Notwithstanding the product care instructions, it must be taken into account that any laundry is a cost to the product, during which the products may rupture (especially on the pillows), for which the service provider's liability is limited. When washing blankets and covers, the customer must take into account that the dimensions of the product may decrease, depending on the properties of the materials used in the product. If the product does not have a maintenance instruction, the customer will clean the product at their own risk and the service provider will not ask for separate consent.

Cleaning of work clothes

Work clothes must be maintained regularly, this helps to prolong the life of the clothes. Work clothes in daily use must be cleaned according to the intensity of use, but not less than once a week. This guarantees the comfort, cleanliness and good health of the wearer.
Cleaning of work clothes is quite different from regular laundry and therefore requires a professional approach. When caring for work clothes, it must be taken into account that their use is much more intensive than ordinary clothes and, as a result, their cleaning does not always give the expected result. The more often work clothes are cleaned, the more likely they are to produce the desired results.

Self-service laundry (laundromat)

You can wash and dry your clothes yourself at the laundromats.

The washing machines have four washing programs (wash 65 ° C, 40 ° C, 30 ° C and gentle wash 30 ° C). In addition you can choose pre-wash, additional rinse and spin. Detergents are dispensed according to the washing programme. 

For drying you can use three different programs (60 °C, 50 °C or 35 °C) for a maximum duration of 1.5 hours.

Carpets and heavily soiled and furry clothes should not be washed in the laundromat, as washing them may damage the next customer's laundry. Instructions for using the machines are located above the machines. For questions, please contact customer service. 

To provide this service, we have:

Eight washing machines with a capacity of 8 kg and three dryers with a capacity of 17 kg at the Tartu branch.

Five washing machines with a capacity of 8 kg and five washing machines with a capacity of 5 kg at the Pärnu branch. In addition, two dryers with a capacity of 17 kg and five dryers with a capacity of 5 kg.

You can read newspapers and magazines in our lounge area while waiting.

Carpet cleaning and washing

Carpets must be cleaned at least once a year. This ensures a long life and good appearance of the carpet. We also clean soft-bottom carpets. Wet cleaning removes dirt from the carpet that the vacuum cleaner cannot achieve alone.

NB! We clean carpets only at the customer's own risk. The customer accepts the risk of damage (tearing, shrinkage, discolouration or other unforeseen damage) for the carpet-washing process. This is either a hidden defect in production or damage during operation, for which the service provider is not responsible.

Carpets must be beaten before bringing in for cleaning.

The customer must take into account the following

Although we use the best available technology, not all stains may be removed from the product. We get the best results when you provide correct information about the circumstances of the formation of stains.

**It is important to understand that:**

  • It is not possible to remove all stains and unpleasant odours;
  • carpets may give colour;
  • hidden defects which may be difficult to detect on a soiled carpet upon receipt, such as slight traces of burns and other minor mechanical damage, may occur;
  • defects may occur due to previous cleaning or an attempt at cleaning;
  • stains on a cleaned carpet always stand out better than on a dirty carpet;
  • the carpet may be coloured from the wax of coloured candles;
  • mold stains may not come off;
  • the edges of the carpet may fray;
  • the white fringes of the carpets may remain grey or yellow, the fringes which have become brittle during operation may be removed;
  • carpets with glued base that require dry cleaning may come loose due to the removal of glue
  • or may shrink, the edges may curl;
  • the threads may be torn if they have been previously damaged during use;
  • the connecting threads of cotton carpets may break in the laundry if they become brittle during use.

Glue base, tufting, ruffled carpets

  • The glue base may be removed (especially the edges)
  • The carpet may lose its shape
  • The glue may continue to crumble even after cleaning
  • Braided ruffle yarns may begin to branch at the ends
  • It may not be possible to clean the carpet base in case of high-fringed carpets
  • Wool carpets may retain ridges due to the dissolution of the base glue when the stain is removed

Carpets with a rubber base

A rubber base that has become brittle during operation may break and be partially or completely removed

Yours sincerely,