Impeccable cleanliness, impeccable reliability

Our mission is to provide a high-quality service for cleaning clothes and other textile items. We want to make people's lives more comfortable and at the same time create a trusting relationship to ensure the customer's complete peace of mind. In order to improve our competencies, we continuously undergo training sessions to familiarise our employees with new technologies and techniques.


Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a method in which a perchlorethylene solution is used instead of water for cleaning clothes and other textiles. This is called dry clean.

Cleaning of work clothes

Work clothes must be maintained regularly, this helps to prolong the life of the clothes. Work clothes in daily use must be cleaned according to the intensity of use, but not less than once a week. This guarantees the comfort, cleanliness and good health of the wearer.

Carpet cleaning

We also offer a cleaning service for soft bottom carpets. The carpet or rug definitely needs to be cleaned at least once a year. This ensures a long life and good appearance of the carpet. Wet cleaning removes dirt from the carpet that the vacuum cleaner cannot achieve alone.


You can wash and dry your clothes yourself at the laundromats. Our washing machines have four washing programmes (laundry 40 °C, 30 °C, 30 °C and delicate mode 30 °C). In addition you can choose pre-wash, additional rinse and additional spin. Detergents are dispensed automatically according to the washing programme.

Doing laundry

We provide laundering for bed linen, blankets, pillows, mattress covers and various items of clothing. Any maintenance wears the fabric and may reveal hidden or wear-related defects in the product. The occurrence of such defects is not related to the inefficiency of the washing technology, but rather the reasons mentioned above.

Clothing repair

We offer clothing repair at Kliin’s Tartu office. We perform repairs of various garments. We have professional sewing machines and trained staff. So your clothes will be exactly as comfortable and high quality as new ones after visiting us.

Terms of service and maintenance symbols

By paying for the service, the customer also confirms that they have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the service provider, which are located in all sales offices and on our website at

The price list for the provision of services applies to products brought to the laundry, the cost of which does not exceed 400 euros. If a product costs more than 400 euros, the customer must inform the customer service representative about this, who will then decide whether the product will be accepted or not. For expensive products, the agreed price applies. If upon receipt of the product it becomes evident that it is heavily soiled or hidden defects or stains appear during cleaning, which were not removed during normal washing, the service provider has the right to add a special processing fee of up to 100% of the normal service price or agree on an additional price. If no agreement is reached, the service provider has the right to refuse further cleaning of the product. If the product cannot be cleaned with special treatment, then the special treatment fee will not be charged from the customer.

The service time is 72 hours. It is also possible that the special term is agreed with the customer. This does not apply during campaign periods. During the campaign periods, the service time can be up to 30 working days. When the product has been cleaned, a notification is sent via SMS to the customer's phone. If the customer has not received the message within 7 days, they should contact the laundry house, because occasionally the SMS notification does not reach the customer for reasons beyond our control.
We keep the cleaned products free of charge for up to 30 days from the date of receipt. After this time, a storage fee of 1 euro per day applies. If six months have passed since the time of receipt of the product, the product will either be destroyed or donated to charity.
To provide a better service, all customer service activities are saved.